how do you create original outputs?

What does it mean to have an original idea?

How do you cultivate originality?

Lately I feel my best thoughts and ideas are a patchwork of knowledge gained through reading, listening and questioning others and then repurposing that knowledge to my own liking. Using inputs to create my outputs.

Originality and creativity comes with my interpretation and repurposing of these inputs. If this is true, and quality original thoughts are the desired output, are quality thoughts and ideas required as input? OR can quality of thought be created?

I hypothesize that good inputs = good outputs.

It is for this reason I have made it a goal to read more (even more) and begin to think of learning as an occupational passion. The best ideas are the product of good inputs.

LIFE GOAL: Be in search of good inputs. This will not lead to a wasted life.


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