the ‘resume’ vs. the ‘eulogy’

“Make someone feel something and you will never be forgotten.” – Charlotte Eriksson

How successful are you? Have you made a lot of money or influenced many people? If you were to re-write your resume today, what would be on it? If you were to die tomorrow, what would your closest friends and relatives say at your funeral?

‘Eulogy’, what people say and think about you upon your passing is identified as being more important than our ‘resumes’, things we did or accomplished in our lives.

And yet, there is growing pressure day in and day out to bulk up your ‘resume’, be judged on your successes and add to your list of accomplishments. To me, this seems backwards. The pressure should be to influence others, to touch their lives and to become a ‘Eulogy Builder’ rather than a ‘Resume Builder’. Have a celebration of life rather than a celebration of success.

“What a poor life I have had if I am only remembered for the amount of money I made.” – Jeffrey Fry

Money and power, they come and go. Like a baton, they are passed from one to the next. Your memory, however, lives on with those who knew you and those who were touched by your work. This to me is the ultimate goal.



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